500x Gallery Membership Call – deadline April 1

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500x Gallery Members sitting together in 1978.

500X Gallery Seeking Applications for New Members
for the 2019/2020 Season
Application Packets due April 1st, 2019

500x Gallery is an artist run gallery collective with a long tradition.  Having been run by artists for 41 years, 500x relies on the talent and dedication of it’s members to continue exhibiting local and international artists. 

Membership includes:
Annual Solo Exhibition
Annual Project Space to curate
Experience working in a Gallery
Networking Opportunities 

Membership Duties:
Monthly dues ($50)
Attendance at Monthly Meetings and Gallery Events
Maintenance of Gallery
Opening/Closing Gallery
Exhibition Planning and Installing

Application Requirements:
20 images of Recent Work
Artist’s Statement
Letter of Intent Interested in applying?  
Apply Here