Neither Wolf Nor Dog showings

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Steve Simpson the filmmaker behind the landmark Native American themed film, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, based on the best-selling novel, here. I wanted to let you know that the film returns to the Fort Worth/Dallas area with 3 more showings at the W E Scott Theatre in Fort Worth on January 19th, the 26th and February 2nd, all at 2 pm.

The trailer: The trailer: 

Beyond just being popular with general audiences, this powerful and moving film has been favoured by art groups, faith groups, libraries, schools, and other cultural organizations, as well as being immensely well-received by older audiences. The film’s audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 4.7/5 95%,  which is higher than any of the Hollywood films out at the moment. 

The film stars elder Dave Bald Eagle, who passed away after filming at age 97. His incredible performance alone gives the film a great cultural weight. During the film’s climax at Wounded Knee, where that last infamous massacre of Native Americans took place improvised the entire scene and at the end of filming this scene, he said he had been holding those words in for 95-years. 

This film has been holding its own against Hollywood blockbusters, that have distributors spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing them, while I’m just a filmmaker releasing it myself. The film has been in theatres longer than any other film released in the US in a decade and is the most successful self-distributed film in a long time and has also rewritten some of the rules of distribution. The only reason this has happened is that the public has helped spread the word as they see this as an important work and a stunning legacy left by Dave Bald Eagle. We have never seen a Native elder in a role like this before. 

Here is a link to the Facebook event that can be shared through Facebook and people can be invited to: 

It was critic Louis Fowler’s top film of the year.

Steven Lewis Simpson



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