CYDONIA | In Memory | Opens Thursday July 25

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Mata Ortiz pottery. Image Courtesy of the Artist, Mercado369, Dallas, and CYDONIA, Dallas.

JULY 25, 2019 – AUGUST 25, 2019

We request the pleasure of your company for In Memory, a collaborative exhibition with Mercado369. The reception will take place on this Thursday, July twenty-fifth, two thousand nineteen, from four in the afternoon to eight in the evening at the Historic Texas Theatre at two hundred thirty-one Jefferson Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. This exhibition closes the gallery’s activist-themed programming for the 2018-2019 exhibition year. 

The exhibition functions as a response to some of the questions that previous exhibition ‘Survival Politics’ poses about cultural significance and gentrification. Framing gentrification as a current day colonization of communities of color, the gallery can be seen as a complicit force with the cultural restructuring that takes place. Acting as a cultural center of sorts, what responsibility does the gallery have towards reaching out or reflecting the surrounding community? Does a gallery import culture to the community or export culture from the community? In an effort to find an answer to these questions Cydonia and Mercado369 have coorganized Warsaw based artist, Alicja Bielawska, and Mata Ortiz pottery artists to create a dialogue of craft and memory. The exhibition will span both locations inclusive of the Safe Room and Mercado369. Read More…
Alicja Bielawska, from the series, Patterns, 2013, ink, collage on paper, 69.8 x 99.6cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist and CYDONIA, Dallas. 

Mercado provides one-of-a-kind original art, sculpture, jewelry, textiles and decorative home and corporate gifts spanning from Mexico to Argentina. Every item is personally selected by Mercado to reflect the rich culture and history of Latin America. It is Mercado’s commitment to be a community space that brings together all cultures. For more information, please visit their website.