Artist of the Month: Pooran Lashini – Reception Aug. 19 at the Geometric MADI

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Iranian-born Pooran Lashini has been an active artist for more than twenty five years.
Growing up in Tehran, she was immersed in the rich culture of traditional Persian art and
had the opportunity to benefit from Iran’s renowned miniaturists, illustrators, and
calligraphers from the time she was a teenager (continued below).

Meet the Artist Sunday, August 19th from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m.

She has an extensive background in painting and calligraphy using a particular method of Middle Eastern Art. Paying homage to her native heritage, she creates unique artworks by marrying tradition with a taste of the abstract, giving an alluring and captivating appeal to a classic Middle Eastern Art form. She has exhibited her works in many solo and group shows nationally and internationally. Going back to my Persian roots, she created a uniquely personal expression of the ancient method of illustration called Tazhib. Her gilded illustrations are done in gouache, watercolor, and acrylic using geometric forms. She has given much care to the creation of these beautiful symmetric images, in harmony of both soft and vibrant colors. Colors are such an intuitive and fascinating process, as they rely solely on their surrounding colors to define them. Lashini finds colors to be a conversation, speaking through geometrical forms in her imagery. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to her artistic practice, she has written four books and teaches Philosophy and History of Art at the college levels.

Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
3109 Carlisle Dallas 75204