The Fretz Park Branch Library Art & Collections Exhibit – call for art

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The Fretz Park Branch Library Art & Collections Exhibit

This project aims to show the creative and dedicated members of our community. Artists of all levels, mediums, and careers are welcome to show their works at our branch. Community members who spend the time and energy to collect anything from dolls to coins to books are welcome to submit their collection to show off here as well. 

This project only just began last month and there was a positive response from artists and collectors in the community leading to Fretz Park being able to establish a small display for the month of April. 

Goals for the Project 

We hope to establish an ongoing collaboration with the art community and its creators. As this is the beginning of an ongoing project, I fully expect it to evolve to meet the needs and wants of our community. 

We wan to invite the people in our community who love to cultivate a collection of any kind, so they can show off their hard work as well. 

The Space 

Currently we have a limited space in the atrium of our branch. The space is built in to a wall and enclosed by glass doors. Due to our space limitations, Works will be limited to the following size specifications: 

No bigger than 33 inches Tall by 44 inches Wide by 19 inches Deep 

Or if the work is on the smaller side 

No bigger than 12 inches Tall by 20 inches Wide by 19 inches 

The good news is that we will not be limiting pieces based on medium, only by relevancy to the theme and size. 

For collections we will be limiting collections for display to the smaller side 

The pieces in your collection must be able to be contained within 4 shelves measuring 12 inches Tall by 44 inches Wide by 19 inches Deep.  

There Top shelf can contain taller pieces however we ask that you include measurements of anything bigger than the above specifications. 

How We Select the Works for Exhibition 

It is our responsibility to choose pieces for display in an ethical manner, so that every submission is judged fairly and without bias. As to who is deciding which works will end up in the exhibition. I hope to involve the opinions of our staff on a rotating basis so we can avoid this becoming about an individuals tastes.

The Length of the Exhibition 

We are hoping to establish a timeline that would see 3 weeks – 4 weeks for accepting submissions and 4 weeks for the exhibit itself. 

We want everyone to join in! 

We working to reach more artists and collectors that may not keep up with library newsletters or make regular visits to the local branch. I especially hope that we can work together and possibly create something really wonderful by everyone collaborating on a project like this. 

So if you have work or a collection to show, we want to hear from you. If you have ideas or suggestions, we want to hear those too. Thank you so much for your time. 

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