Scholarship offer for “Finding Your Own Artistic Voice” Workshop

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Instructor John Hunter is offering a chance at a scholarship worth $175 to attend his workshop on July 20th. It will be held at the Jaycee Park Center for the Arts in Irving.

The purpose of this workshop is NOT for me to teach you to paint like me. The purpose of this workshop is for me to help you find your own artistic voice… for you to learn to paint like YOU. I will introduce you to new methods and processes, as well as refresh what you may already know about composition and color, but be forewarned that this will not be Workshop, controlled lesson plan. I don’t do regimented, controlled lesson plans. Art is about breaking barriers, taking down walls, and exploring new things. There is a time and place for regimented, controlled lesson plans, but this ain’t it. This is your opportunity to explore your artistic self, and to discover who you are as an artist.

All supplies will be provided. I ask you to NOT bring your own materials, so everyone is working with the same resources. This will help you understand how your artistic voice differs from the other artists voices.

Youth restrictions.

No one under eighteen (18) years of age may be enrolled in the workshop.


There is only one scholarship available for this workshop. Anyone may apply. Submit an essay of at least 300 words, defining art from your own personal perspective. Tell me, “What does art mean to you?”

The deadline for scholarship application is Friday, 28 June 2019.

Contact John at