PocketCon, the project behind the first 24/7 mobile fan convention, announces its intention to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

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Based on blockchain technology, PocketCon is the first solution on the market to combine marketplace, community and elements of virtual RPG interaction – all in mobile format.  PocketCon is an ever-ongoing pocket fan convention; a pop-cultural fare – perfect place for fans, artists, and all kinds of digital creators to get together, promote, share and trade products of their mutual passion. It’s a whole ecosystem that brings unique multi-level interactivity to the virtual community building and helps content creators to increase the efficiency of having a fan-base.

The platform is being developed in part by the team of Gaia Online – a hangout incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. It has a community of millions of users behind it, brought together by their mutual interest in anime, manga, and the artistry involved in it. With 29 million registered users and 2,3 billion forum posts, Gaia Online is a leading fan community platform provider; they’ve been successfully employing digital currency on their platform since 2004 and are more than familiar with the mechanics.

PocketCon’s foremost mission is to create a virtual environment that will encourage users to easily find and actively support content creators – first of all non-profit, fan, and freelance ones, so that they can get more revenue and feedback. It is possible thanks to highly visual, gamified format of the platform, all volumes of purchases and contributions being accessible, guaranteed transparency and clearance of transactions, as well as a rich system of initial activity rewards.

«The idea of launching a fundamentally new project in the field of interactive virtual community arose when we have realized that the content creators in such communities do not always get the gratification they deserve, especially the financial one. There is a vast body of creativity that needs the right environment to truly flourish. Our solution is at the junction of the two fastest growing industries in 2018 – gamified virtual community and blockchain technology», — says James Cao, CEO of PocketCon and one of the founders of Gaia Online.


Project Details

PocketCon’s format is a multifunctional mobile app. Its structure supports three modes of user interaction: marketplace, community, and game & event hub.

Marketplace. Marketplace is UGC based, decentralized, transparent, and welcomes all kinds of quality, self-made digital content from all users. Anyone can sell almost any original content on the PocketCon marketplace – including but not limited to 3D models, animations, digital drawings, addons/modes for existing games, mini-games of their own creation, and even custom in-game items. Content creators can make paying for their content optional for users or allow them to choose the price they consider fit. Moreover, users can organize their own crowdfunding campaigns, and place an artist profile/order something in the request booth.

Community. The app is visually organized as a field with numerous thematic booths, which can be devoted to a piece of media, an artist, a genre or a topic of interest – it’s a place for content sharing and discussions. You can talk to artists and other users via public forum, private forum, and/or chat. The community is built within these modes of communication, is nourished by constant gratification within the marketplace, and gets stronger thanks to engaging visual interactions in the hub.

Game & event hub. Hub is a place where users can interact with each other through their avatars, competing and showing off custom items.  They can play games or take part in seasonal events and activities.

PocketCon is a horizontal ecosystem, which means that all users get the full package of competencies, can freely create and customize booths, and place items on the market.


About PocketCoin (POC)

Many games have their inner currencies, made to create a shortcut past often-inflexible outer wallets and keep all transactions in sight. This one will be based on blockchain, making it easier to convert into traditional currencies; it will also make conducting and registering all the numerous transactions inside the network a smoother process.

As James Cao puts it: “The PocketCon economy assumes absolute globality, absence of borders, rapidness of transactions – so introducing our own token makes perfect practical sense”.

PocketCoin will be fueling all purchases and all rewards within the game. The value behind it relies on:

  1. The balance of supply and demand on exchange platforms.
  2. On the number of users in the network, the volume of exchanges, and the average value of items established by the balance of supply and demand on the inner market.


Existing investors

Currently, the main investor of the project is PLUTUS.VC – world’s first blockchain powered venture fund. PLUTUS.VC targets Telecommunications Mobile Technology and is open to any new innovative business concepts.

PLUTUS.VC invests in Angel, Pre-A and A-Round. Anything from $500,000 to $5 Million. $200 million fund is already reserved for investment.


Artists Involvement


To create awareness about the PocketCon among fans, was decided to involve artists into the project. We received a positive feedback at once, and many young talented artists continue to contact us with a willing to become a part of it, even though we are still in a testing mode. Therefore it was decided to create Creative Gallery with an aim  to grow a wide friendly self-regulated community where every user has a great chance to support our artists with shares or even by following them. Users also may vote for their favorites. A “Top Creator” will be selected by vote every week and placed on the front page of Creative Gallery.

With every day the Gallery becomes larger, with more artists sharing the idea of PoketCon, among the artists that have decided to be a part of our project we would like to emphasis on such names as Elda The, Nancy Tsai, and Tabitha Reed.

Creative Gallery is a place where young digital art talents are represented to the fandom. Each of digital creators has an own profile with avatar, bio, art samples tagged with style of art, and contact info. Users may share the artists’ profiles in social media to let other people know of their favorite digital creators of PocketCon. The Gallery artists and their community will result in a first audience of PocketCon and let it go viral.


PocketCon IEO 

All funds collected during the IEO will go into further project development and launch. The team plans on launching the alpha soon after the Private Sale is concluded with basic community and a number of apps (already on hands). They also intend to keep scrupulous public record of the following development process.

Soft Cap: $3M from private sale

Hard Cap: all 300M tokens sold based on market price at exchange platforms


PocketCon will release 500 million Pocket Coin tokens.
The sale will be divided into three stages.

  • Presale: 200 million tokens at $0.05
  • IEO (Initial Exchange Listing): 300 million tokens at $0.07

PocketCon platform launch will be 15 January 2019 at $0.10 per POC


Follow us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PocketConApp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketconApp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pocketcon/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBQynjhKOwEHPJw8ErqpXNg/

Telegram: https://t.me/pocketconico

WhitePaper: https://pocketcon.io/media/paper/whitepaper_en-2308_J57X5pa.pdf

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