PoArtMo Anthology: Volume 2

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Launched in 2019, Auroras & Blossoms promotes positive, uplifting and inspirational written and visual art, and gives artists (ages 13 and over) of all levels a platform where they can showcase their work and build their publishing credits.

Auroras & Blossoms runs regular submission calls for digital anthologies, a monthly show, a year-long artistic movement, and an artist collective. The content is fully family-friendly.

A&B is currently seeking photography, paintings, drawings, six word stories, essays, flash fiction, short stories, and poetry for its PoArtMo Anthology (Volume 2). The PoArtMo Anthology (Volume 2) celebrates the most positive / inspirational art created in 2019-2021.

Ages 17 and over.

Submission fee: $6 per piece or $15 for 3 pieces.

Payment: ongoing royalties + complimentary PDF copy of anthology.

Deadline: December 31, 2021.

Submitted by Cendrine Marrouat. Email: marketing@abpositiveart.com Website: https://abpositiveart.com/submit/