Local Artist starting his own Market

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I saw myself as an artist in DFW who would fall into the normal cycle of a local artist. I saw the industry changing from having to get exposure than getting a record label deal. To now people and companies on social media creating their own following and not needing corporate help in the early stages of forming a company. I than decided to create my own market. I decided create my own interview platform as well direct and edit on my own. Instead of going to other companies for actors or beat producers I decided to use the local talent around me on my own. I decided to create and invest in my own events and clothing lines and branded it my self. Owning a label company and trying to create your own market is hard so there where a lot of down falls. My idea is that if we can create our own market and get people to come to us and view us instead of going to the big label companies for music, acting, fashion design and etc that we would be on the same level as them.

It’s a simple concept. Get the 99 percent of people to view our small company instead of going to the one percent of label companies who own a large portion of the market at the moment. The hard part is brand loyalty and people’s fear of the unknown. Overcoming those two qualities where hard but lately it has been paying off. Slowly but surely. My plan now is to contact local artists and get them to use my many venues of art to put out their content. I did a recent interview on hotboy tilley a local rapper which got good feedback. This lead to more local artist getting interviews that would be out soon. I also am using local fashion designers and painters to host a runway show/art show. The idea is to create our own market again.

I’m hoping this article will find its way to the right people to ether motivate them to start their own market or to use my market as an avenue. I believe this is the future of the industry so I’m trying to start it right now. I’m hoping this article opens peoples eyes and shows them that we don’t need the existing markets to spread our works. We can start our own markets as long as we create a good brand that people can be loyal to. The usual case in business is that people would have to pay more to use a smaller company. So what I’m doing is lowering costs and creating a unique experience for viewers so they have an incentive to switch over. Thank you, and remember I love you. Rene.kilongozi@my.tccd.edu


Submitted by Don Juan. Email: Rene.kilongozi@my.tccd.edu Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWoodRecords