Digital Artists Wanting to Make Fan Art of CloneX

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Are you an established or a new creator wanting exposure? I am about to start a NFT fan art collection for the RTFKT CloneX project. This project is a blue chip project that is owned by Nike. The project has done over $500 million in sales. If you want to make a custom and original digital art based on the Clones that I own.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting the fan art:

  1. DO NOT use the RTFKT blade logo or any of Nike companies logos.
  2. No use of tobacco or drug references in the original art.
  3. No weapons in the original art.

Please contact me on Twitter at @nftsoke for more info or if you need the 3D file render to make your digital art.

So Kang

Submitted by So Kang. Email: Website: