VISUAL ARTS OF PROSPER – September Meeting 9/16

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September 16th Meeting: Abstract Painting with David Kessler

We will meet both in-person at FUSE and also host a Zoom meeting for those who cannot attend in person.

Fuse Workspace 130 N. Preston Road, Prosper

Second Floor, Shark Tank Room

Members will receive a link the day of. Guests may request a link at our website :

David Kessler has shared some of his videos that we will watch together and then create our own abstracts. Bring an 8×10″ canvas or other surface and 3-5 colors of acrylic paint (or another medium if you prefer) and brushes. “My paintings are simply a celebration of COLOR! I use vibrant color to uplift the heart, mind and spirit. They have a life and energy that creates a connection with the observer, forging a link between art, artist and viewer. They are created with an open heart in an atmosphere of love and gratitude. They are not representations of What Is, but rather What Can Be.”. For more about David, see his website

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