Visual Arts of Prosper: Feb. 17th Meeting – Abstract Impressionistic Painter Carrie Delperdang

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This will be a fun- filled night of creativity, color blocking, demo on different pouring techniques, proper mixing of paints, and design patterns for abstract art work. Carrie is looking forward to sharing her artistic ideas and instruction on the various techniques in the world of abstract painting. This will help broaden your painting ability from the realm of realistic art to abstract, which can be incorporated together. There will be a designated time for a question-and-answer period.

We will meet both in-person at FUSE and also host a Zoom meeting
Fuse Workspace 130 N. Preston Road, Prosper TX
Visit website to request Zoom link.

Carrie Delperdang Biography:

I am an abstract impressionistic painter, creative designer and owner of Creative Design.

Throughout my 40 years of artistic experience, I have traveled to many corners of the world to further broaden my knowledge of cultural art, not only at the highest levels of modern international art, but more importantly, emphasis in the value of aboriginal grass roots art, local customs, art methods and processes.
I’m very thankful for the God given artistic talent that was bestowed upon me and the world life experiences to help me create many forms of visionary artwork suited to the individual person or occasion.

I have an extensive educational background, with an emphasize in the medical field. Together
with the overview of life in general, I have incorporated the love of both art and medical to help broaden my scope of the art world, and enhance my work.

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