VAGF Meeting June 20th – Justin Burns GOLDEN Working Artist guest speaker

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June 20th Monthly Meeting – at theGallery8680 in Frisco

Join us on June 20th at The Gallery 8680 7pm – 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

VAGF announces the JUNE monthly meeting!. For more about the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco see https://vagf/org

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Our guest speaker for JUNE will be Justin Burns GOLDEN Working Artist:

Justin grew up in Farmers Branch, Texas and studied close to home at the University of North Texas.  He earned his BFA focusing on Studio Drawing and Painting in 2013. Justin is interested in spaces and objects that may have had special meaning at one point in time but are now an object of permanence or a lingering memory of a time once past.  What sparked this interest was when his family had a fire and lost all they owned, and he began to think about the memory of spaces and objects, their presence and the stories they withheld. One place, in particular, is Justin’s family farm which was established in 1914 and still resides in the small town of Kopperl, TX. The renderings of Kopperl are interior and exterior weathered relic-like structures that once were an icon to the town, are now headstones. Nostalgic images of the Burns family farm, the kitchen or living room whisper the memory of family gatherings and quiet moments. Though there is no one left in these spaces and a slow descent as time takes its toll, there is still life, a presence and a story.

His artwork is represented by Beaudry Gallery in Dallas, TX and Justin is an art educator for Northwest ISD and also a Golden Paints: GoldenWorking Artist where he does lectures and workshops for Golden.  Justin is currently working on a documentary called “Keeping Kopperl,” that explores the family stories and ties to the small town of Kopperl, TX as he navigates through the stories to create a visual language in his artwork. 

Justin Burns
GOLDEN Working Artist