Horatio Casillas presentation April 1st at GP Artists

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The monthly meeting of the Association of Grand Prairie Artists will begin at 6:30 pm this Monday, April 1st at the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce. Visitors are welcome.

Program: Our monthly demonstrator is Horatio Casillas, a ceramics artist and instructor at the Epic in Grand Prairie.   He makes utilitarian, religious and artistic ceramic objects from salt fired clay.   Horatio’s interest in ceramics comes from his fascination with the rustic clay ovens he observed growing up in rural Mexico and Texas.  Much of his inspiration springs from is deeply religious feelings about his church.   He believes that “The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit”.   In addition to his many teaching jobs, he has degrees in ceramics from Angelo State U. and North Texas State U.   He exhibits his work nationally and has been featured in Ceramics Magazine.

You can see more about Horatio Casillas at www.horatiocasillas.com.

AGPA meets the first Monday of each month at the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce, 900 Conover Street.  Meetings are open to the publicGuests and visitors are welcome at no charge.  Visit our website at www.gpartists.org .