Grapevine Art Project May 9th meeting: Marie Maines on how to critique your work

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The May meeting for GAP will be on May 9 at the Parks and Recreation Department at 501 Shady Brook Drive in Grapevine. The meeting time will be 6:30 for our social get together and 7:00 for our meeting. GAP monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month in various locations in Grapevine and are open to the public. Guests are welcome!

Our May program will be given by pastel artist Marie Maines.

Every time one opens an art book, there seems to be a list of elements and principles of art that are guaranteed to help take your work to that magic “next level”. I’ve always had a vague understanding of them, but was never exactly sure how to use them to the greatest advantage. Recently I discovered a way that has helped make them an invaluable part of every new piece of art I begin and I am able to use them through the entire process of creating and evaluating a new work. Maybe I have not quite reached that ‘next level’, but I feel a bit more sure of my direction in trying to get there. In the demo/presentation on Thursday, May 9, I hope to help you begin your own deeper understanding of these elements and principles and how to use them to evaluate your own work.

Please bring along a pencil (rather than a pen) and a hard surface to write on (a regular sized clipboard would be ideal). We will study and discuss together how these foundations of the art world can become our new best friends.