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(March 31)
If you love to paint flowers and want to get really good at it, don’t miss today’s broadcast with the amazing Kathy Anderson.
Her teaching style is thorough and very easy to follow. Watch and learn or, better yet, paint this beautiful piece right along with Kathy as she teaches you all about floral structure, how to get the brilliant colors just right, and the best methods to keep your paintings accurate while still having a painterly look.Soon, you’ll be enjoying gorgeous flowers year-round in your home!
We go live at 3pm EST

To watch these broadcasts:

  1. Open Facebook
  2. Search “Streamline Art Video” (or just click on this link)
  3. Follow Streamline Art Video
  4. Wait for the broadcast to start at the time listed. It will pop up automatically.
  5. Click to view the broadcast

** Missed a broadcast? That’s OK! Catch up on the latest broadcasts here:
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Creative Catalyst: Each day, I’m providing art instruction with top artists. Broadcasting will begin at 3 pm EST right from the Streamline Art Video Facebook page. This will run for approximately one hour and will feature one of our master artists painting a part of a painting, along with an interview with the artist. Each day will be different. We plan to do this for as long as we’re locked down.
By the way … if you’re looking for other things to keep you occupied…

We have produced over 400 incredible art instruction videos, which are very different from “homebrew” or YouTube videos. These top-quality videos live up to Hollywood standards.

These videos are an excellent way to learn and grow. They will be with you forever (DVD or digital), and your purchase will help us keep people employed during this downturn.

Just like it is important to support local restaurants with takeout, we too would appreciate your considering our products as you grow as an artist.