Amy Tigner on alcohol inks: GAP demo Feb. 14

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The February 14th Grapevine Art Project program will be given by one of GAP’s members, Amy Tigner. The title of the presentation is “Painting with Alcohol Ink” and she will primarily be doing a demonstration painting a landscape and talking about the techniques of using alcohol ink as a paint medium.

All GAP meetings will be held in the REC in Grapevine at 1175 Municipal Way unless noted.  Our meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. No meetings in July and December.

We have an Art Chat session at 5:30 for our members who want to bring a piece  or two of their works for discussion.  At 6:30, our members gather for refreshments and social time and the meetings start at 7:00 pm.  

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About Amy Tigner

My life is one that is divided between being an academic at the University of Texas, Arlington, and pursuing life as an artist.

Currently I work primarily as a painter, using watercolor or alcohol ink and resin; although recently I have been learning to metalsmith.  As a painter, I work to create a balance between the beauty of detail and the looseness of abstraction. The play between control and freedom, along with a strong sense of color and design are the elements that make for strong visual impact and that bring more beauty to the world. 

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