Visual Art League of Lewisville October News

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Monthly meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month, except in July, at 7:00 PM in the MCL Grand. Visitors are welcome. For more about VAL, see the website

The Greater Lewisville Community Theatre will present their new play, An
Experiment With an Airpump from October 12th through the 28th.

Visual Art League of Lewisville member, Chuck Hendrickson has volunteered
to paint two panels for their windows.

Award Winners of VAL’s Wild & Free Exhibit: Avant-garde art!

Held at the MCL Grand Theater Art Gallery through Oct. 13

Linda Chidsey
First Place (left)

Becky Kerbow
Second Place

Crystal Nelson
Third Place

David Blow
Honorable Mention

Christi Martin
Honorable Mention



Current and future exhibitions at the MCL Grand:

GALLERY: Wild & Free, Sept. 15-Oct. 13
SHOWCASE: Western Theme, Aug. 29-Oct. 31
HALLWAY: Artist’s Choice, Sept. 21-Oct. 29

SHOWCASE:  Holiday Magic, Oct. 31-Dec.26. Intake: TBA
HALLWAY: 40th VAL Anniversary Celebration, Nov. 30-Dec. 29
Intake: Tuesday, Nov. 27. Strike: Tuesday, Jan. 2
GALLERY: America the Beautiful (tentative), Jan. 1-Feb. 9, Intake: TBA