Virtual VITRO MODA 12

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SiNaCa Studios is dedicated to community, and although we cannot ask you to come to our big annual event Vitro Moda 12, we are planning something special today. In an effort to broadcast our mission and to bring community together, we want to invite you to join us online for a special presentation of our featured artist Mark Leputa and the mission of SiNaCa Studios. It is not our intention to celebrate in a time of crisis, but rather to speak to the nature of community, and to offer a glimpse of community through the process of glassmaking. SiNaCa Studios is doing its part to be responsible while trying to find a way to keep the doors open, we invite you to come together in a safe way and join us online for a Virtual presentation beginning at 3:30p today (Saturday, March 21). This is the landing page to find direct links to the live demo, the silent auction and the exhibition.

The Silent Auction Participating artists in the silent auction have graciously donated their work with 100% of the proceeds of each sale benefiting SiNaCa Studios. Some pieces will have a reserve. You must register to be able to bid on pieces.

Color Boxes Color boxes are our version of a raffle. They are a $100 each and once a box has a bid on it, it is sold. What’s in the box? That’s a great question. It will be a piece of fantastic glass art that at minimum will be valued at $100, but may have a value of much more. .

The Exhibition These are the pieces that would have gone down the runway. They have been professionally photographed and are in an exhibition exclusive to this event. This work is by mostly local artists that have all been, like everyone, heavily affected by the current state of the world. The featured pieces will be available for purchase in a gallery style presentation, at the retail price set by the artist. Unless otherwise noted, sales of these featured exhibition pieces will be a 50/50 split between the artist and SiNaCa Studios.

A huge amount of thanks goes to all or our participating artists and volunteers. We can’t make this happen with out you and your support. Thank you for continuing to believe in us!

Thank you also to Mark Leputa for coming to teach for the past week. There was an amazing amount of information shared that won’t soon be forgotten. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to come to an unfamiliar studio and create the magic that you do.

Thank you all for your support. It means everything to us. The SiNaCa Studios Team

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