The Intentional Hand and Greenhill Photo Program exhibitions at the Bath House

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The Intentional Hand:
A Photographic Exhibition of Manipulated Imagery

May 4-June 8, 2019

Curated by Frank Lopez

The manipulated photographic image is the focus of new art exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center

The Intentional Hand was curated by local artist Frank Lopez.  The exhibition features the work of ten art photographers from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, North Carolina  and Texas.  The artists featured in the show are Peter J. Blackburn, Kimberly Chiaris, Ross Faircloth, Ellie Ivanova, J. Jason Lazarus, Frank Lopez, Marcy Palmer, Beverly Rayner, Dawn Surratt, and Claire A. Warden.

Frank Lopez, the curator of  The Intentional Hand, offers his views on the subject of the evolution of the photographic medium and its state in contemporary art-making when he writes:  “The advent of digital seemingly doomed analog photographic expression, particularly with the ubiquity of the digital smartphone. The response to digital has had quite the opposite effect as the syntax of photography has evolved to include, adapt and transform this new way of expression. All the while, artists have been afforded the freedom to explore aspects of photographic language that utilizes any previously considered historical techniques. Often times, artists will combine elements of digital to aid in fostering the execution of their ideas; however, many artists choose to live completely in the analog workflow.”

Presented in this exhibition are artists who take part in the conversation of challenging and changing photographic norms through their innovative and experimental imagery. The use of time, light and/or chemical experimentation is an element of their images.  Similarly, symbolism, interpretation, and culture also play an important part in the final execution of the artists’ work.

The Photography Program at Greenhill

May 4-June 8, 2019

Curated by Frank Lopez

Young photographers integrate 19th-21st century technology in new art exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center

The Photography Program at Greenhill School is a show that features works by twenty-three students from Greenhill School, a co-educational independent school in North Texas.  The students participating in the exhibition are Anaah Abedi, Chirag Bachani, Katie Bendalin, DeJanna Cook, Maya Desai, Sonia Dhingra, Melis Evlioglu, Josh Flowers, Victoria García, Jaclyn Goldstein, Katy Goodwin, Kate Gould, Kevin Hoare, Olivia Kim, Lilly McLendon, Phoebe Metzger-Levitt, Natalie Neiman, Lizbeth Ortiz, Natalie Park,  Helena Shan, Jack Shuman,  Rithu Sreenath, and Amber Syed

All the student-artists included in this show worked under the guidance of Greenhill School photography instructor, Frank Lopez.  Mr. Lopez, who has taught at Greenhill School for thirteen years, is also a celebrated artist in the art community who has exhibited his artwork in numerous venues.

The Photography Program at Greenhill School is a 19th-21st century program specializing in the integration of all aspects of technology. Culture and cultural issues lie at the foundation of the program. The artists featured in the exhibition have endeavored to work in analog and digital darkrooms and create personal journals for their individual courses. The exhibition offers a glimpse of the art created at Greenhill School’s Honors Photography, Light Paper Process, and Chemistry of Photography classes. Many students from the photography program have won at local, national and international competitions and are dedicated to furthering the syntax of the photographic medium.

Reception with the artists from the two exhibitions:
Saturday, May 4 (7-9 PM)
Featuring music by Stephen Houpt. Visit Stephen’s website at

Bath House Cultural Center • 521 E. Lawther Dr. Dallas, TX 75218 • White Rock Lake