Texas Ink – Under Pressure: Steamroller Prints Exhibit – reception Feb. 10

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When Artists Get Together with Heavy Road Equipment Big Things Happen!

Texas Ink – Under Pressure is a collection of Steamroller prints by local Artist, created in parking lots throughout Texas.

Each artist carved their image into a wood block, which were inked, and covered with a sheet of paper then driven over with a steamroller.

These events bring artist and community together as they volunteer for all of the tasks to pull these large-scale relief prints.

Participating artists:

Terri Thoman
Junanne Peck
Una Scott
Ben Munoz
Amy Carter Ishmael
Sofia Henningson
Josh Grob
Mary Wright
Katelyn Smith 
Joshua F. Monroe
Mary Mulherin
Matthew Mulherin
Paul Wilson
Astrud Aguirre

Come meet the Artists and hear their tales of being UNDER PRESSURE!
Exhibit: Jan 27 – Feb 22, 2019
Reception: Feb 10, 2019 – 2-4pm

Location: Irving Art Association, Jaycee Park Center for the Arts
1975 Puritan Drive, Irving, TX 75061