Sharon Neel-Bagley: A Tree’s View of Dallas, TX August 26

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August 26th | Artist’s Talk 3:00 | Closing Reception 2pm-4pm

Each branch and log that artist Sharon Neel-Bagley rescues from Dallas County resident’s “brush and bulk” trash was going to the landfill.  Her show includes twelve zip codes to represent a cross-section of Dallas.  Mrs. Neel-Bagley carefully chose the tree remnants from each location that are the basis of her new work.  Utilizing photography, printmaking, scientific tools, and methods these discarded specimens give us a glimpse into the plant’s magnificent universe.

Microscopic Cross-Sections and Other Oblique Views Dallas, TX: Urban Heat Island from a Tree’s View, brings together new perspectives and conversations about our community’s view of trees.

Sharon Neel-Bagley is an artist photographer and lives and works in Dallas, TX.  She produces work in a wide range of disciplines, including photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video.  Her work exhibits in galleries and museums across the country.  Mrs. Neel-Bagley’s photographs are in corporate art collections and museums.  Sharon has a BFA from the University of North Texas in fine art photography.

Lillian Bradshaw
1515 Young St. Dallas, TX 75201
Free underground parking entrance on Wood St.
Dallas Central Library, Fine Art, 4th floor



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