Shardā: Dallas Artist Goes Back in Time for Art Exhibition

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Dallas native Shardā is having her first solo art show, The Growth of an Artist on Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 4 pm – 6 pm, located at For Oak Cliff on 4478 S Marsalis Ave, Dallas, TX 75216. It is free for all ages. The exhibition includes acrylic paintings of abstract and stylized elements, drawings, and 3D art pieces.

“I’m really excited to have my first solo art show at For Oak Cliff. I want this show to be for everyone.” – Shardā

Guests are invited to experience the growth of the artist. Drawings and paintings as well as art pieces created from Shardā’s childhood and when she attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts will be shown. People will be able to see the differences and similarities represented in the artwork from past to present. The exhibition is a timeline that will tell the story of how time plays a significant role in maturity, knowledge, and Shardā’s love for the arts. During the show, she plans to reveal her most recent painting that reflects her current style of art.

“Don’t be a stranger. Be a character!” – Shardā

Often quiet and reserved, Shardā kept to herself growing up. After family and friends recognized her talent; especially, her mom who pushed her to share her work, Shardā decided to publish her first book in 2015 and participate in art shows in 2018. Shardā expresses herself through art, books, and creating content on social media. Her brand CharactersHere is all about being a character. She encourages others to follow their dreams and never give up no matter how long it takes. Time definitely gave her the opportunity to grow and become who she is today.

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