Ro2 Gallery: Quarantine Conversations and From a Distance

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Quarantine Conversations

In this week’s installment of Quarantine Conversations, Zhaira virtually sits down with Ray-Mel Cornelius and Cheryl Finfrock. Both interviews can be accessed with the links below.

“In the long run, practical though that was, it became less and less satisfying to be making work that was only a response to another form of communication. So, I started exclusively make paintings that were of interest to me” 
– Ray-Mel Cornelius, Ro2 Represented Artist

Full Interview

“I imagined working with scratchbord and followed the tiny light on various surfaces to guide me. The feeling of moving through the darkness on a surface and finding form intrigues me.” – Cheryl Finfrock, Ro2 Represented Artist

Full Interview

Virtually walk through a beautiful gallery featuring works from over 30 exhibiting Ro2 Artists. The exhibition will be available to view on our website this Friday, April 17.