Ro2 at the Cedars opening Feb. 6: Kai Peter Martin, James Zamora

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Saturday, February 6
12-5 PM

Ro2 Art | The Cedars
1501 South Ervay Street
Dallas, TX 75215

Kai Peter Martin
Close World Open Thought
  ““My body of work centers on the use of paper pulp plaster applied to canvas with a variety of techniques. The materiality of the paper pulp plaster allows for a wide range of moves—sculptural relief, painting, drawing, etching—to find compelling ways of building up a surface and image. Some objects edge towards illusion, others are drawn on the surface and fail to fully form, and certain parts rise from the surface three-dimensionally, creating a playful dissonance in the represented space. ” LEARN MORE

James Zamora
  Though Zamora made a career for himself inviting viewers to examine the minute difference of scenes captured through the camera lens versus those observed by the human eye, in this exhibition, Zamora departs from realism to create works of pure abstraction. This unexpected shift in his practice is inspired by the freedom of mark making observed in his children; a freedom he has given himself for the first time in his professional career. LEARN MORE

For the safety of all our visitors, Ro2 Art will be hosting limited entry mini receptions with time slots of 30 minutes per 10 people. 
Masks required for entry.