Ro2 Art April 20th: Closing Celebration

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Join us in celebrating these two beautiful shows for a last chance to view Scott Winterrowd and Gillian Bradshaw-Smith’s works. Enjoy some light refreshments with us at our gallery in the Cedars! 
Saturday, April 20 6 – 8 PM 
Ro2 Art | Downton Pop-up
1508 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75201
Scott Winterrowd’s solo exhibition Space, is a sublime depiction of the immense open spaces of National Parks. Capturing acute changes in landscapes when viewed day to night and at different seasons of the year, the Winterrowd engages in the daunting task of framing an immeasurable and diverse landscape. Scott Winterrowd uses layered watercolor to capture the complexities of mountains, trees, hills, and skies of Southwest America, referencing the pathways to place and reflecting on his work over time by including postcard paintings.

Artist Gillian Bradshaw-Smith creates cavernous dream worlds. Tangled cavities of rocks and water harboring many moons and active volcanoes are rendered in deep hues. Inspired by the opening lines of a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge titled ‘Kubla Khan’ which speaks of measureless caverns and sacred rivers, Gillian uses layered paper cutouts to form and carve out the dark daydream hollows she imagines. She is known for consistently expanding her creative bounds and expressing her artistic vision in diverse media in an exploration that continues to evolve. Nocturns displays otherworldly landscapes existing in the past and the future, a mystical vision certain to provoke the imagination of the audience.

About the Artist
Ojuse – Duty
Now – May 11, 2019

Ro2 Art | Downtown Pop-Up
1508 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75201

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Intimate Oddness
Now – May 14, 2019

Ro2 Art | The Magnolia Theatre
3699 Mckinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204