Receptions Feb. 15 at Fort Works Arts

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Greg Bahr Lunchtime
Please join us Saturday, February 15th
from 6pm – 9pm for an opening reception party featuring tunes by
Fort Worth’s DJ Ronnie Heart. We hope to see you there!

New On View | What to see at Fort Works Art
Fort Works Art is excited to present a group exhibition featuring a special selection of over 75 paintings and sculptures. We have packed the house with works by artists Jessica McClendon, Austin Fields, Jay Wilkinson, Hillary Dohoney, Adam Fung, Reisha Perlmutter, Dan Lam, Eric Inkala, Cary Meiners, Marshall Harris, Crystal Wagner, Steve Gall, Erika Duque, Kate Stipp, Greg Bahr, Andre Veloux, Arthur Brouthers, Byrd Williams, and Lisa Krannichfeld.
Greg Bahr
Each screen print piece is a meticulously created visualization of the artist’s everyday routine. Every task in life creates a path, and Bahr’s work explores the patterns left by seemingly mundane journeys and aims to create something beautiful and meaningful out of them. You will see intricate lines that trace the rounds he makes while taking his kids to school every morning, heading to work, and back again. These many repetitive movements, often overlooked in the scope of one’s life, are what Bahr layers to create imperfect and intwining patterns in an effort to elevate their banal nature. Greg Bahr is an artist living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. He received his BFA from Texas Christian University with an emphasis in painting. He draws inspiration from everyday, seemingly mundane tasks. He is also heavily inspired by his work at The Amon Carter Museum, where he has worked as a preparator for over 15 years
Austin Fields
Austin Fields received her BFA at UTA in glassblowing. Working freely and quickly she bends and forms orbs in a very organic and sensual way. Drawing from her love of the figure, she creates works that undulate with the naturally occurring curves of the female form. She exhibits her often seen “mirrored orbs,” which are clear blown glass that she later mirrorizes. This reflection allows the viewer to see themselves in the work. Their faces and bodies, contorted to the curves of the sculptures, offer a physical invitation to exist within the work. The femininity of Fields work is undeniable. The works are strong, yet fragile and they finish off to a smooth perfection.
Andre Veloux
British artist Andre Veloux, resides in Princeton, NJ. All of the works are made with commercially available Lego bricks. Lego, in all its various forms, is at the same time limiting as well as limitless in its possibilities. The color palette is limited yet consistent, and the basic “pixel” size is also fixed. Yet at the same time, it is a hard, durable, tactile and lightweight material; it can be reused, replaced and altered at will, and provides a myriad of different possibilities due to the different available shaped bricks, tiles and plates, with the exciting opportunity to create the 3-dimensional and textural aspects of the art.
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Fort Works Art is committed to bringing life, vitality and energy to the art scene in Fort Worth, TX. They are a resource for both seasoned collectors and the everyday individual. Existing somewhere between a gallery, a cultural center and a museum, Fort Works Art strives to continually evolve into its own entity, free from the traditional labels of the art world. They exist to support the arts, to give back to the community and to inspire youth.

Fort Works Art 
2100 Montgomery Street
Fort Worth, Texas, 76107 
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 5 pm; Saturday 10 am – 6 pm