Pour Your Art Out

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KK Art Creations and CANVAS hotel in Dallas are excited to present Pour Your Art Out. Join the reception and bring your family and friends. Art, food, and fun.

Opening Reception August 12, 2021 6-9 pm at CANVAS Hotel, 1325 S. Lamar, Dallas TX


About Me


I’M Kimberly Kort

Acrylic cups of paint spill out onto a white canvas and the chaos in my head begins to calm. The pain and chaos subside, and an abstract creation is made from my heart and hands.  The beautiful views of nature that I see each day are spilled out, and the paint interprets the visions that surround me. The abstract creation is then a vision for all to interpret; the colors, movement, and my view of nature.

Art has always been a part of my life in some form. Ever since early childhood, art has been a way to express fears, desires, misunderstandings, and share my view of our beautiful world. Every day is a new discovery of colors, shapes, and beauty. The world has always been a canvas for me, and I express my views through acrylic fluid art movement.

Submitted by Kimberly Kort. Email: kimk@kkartcreations.com Website: http://www.kkartcreations.com