Plano Art Association Members’ Show 2021

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The Members’ Show 2021 is Happening and Awards are Announced!

The Members’ Show 2021 was opened on February 24th at the Plano Courtyard Gallery. Jerry Smith from Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary judged the show on March 3rd and the results are in! The winners are (drumroll):  

1st place Representational Painting – “Allium Trio” by Sue Killingsworth
1st place Non-Representational Painting – “Red Storm” by Keith Miller
1st place Photography – “Klyde Warren Park” by Gaby Pruitt
1st place 3D – “Emergence” by Christie Miller
Best of Show – “Mistaken Identity” by Sue Killingsworth  

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who helped with the show (Kelly McCurdy, Becky Bales, James Gilbreath, Robertus Van der Wege, and Gaby Pruitt). This organization runs on volunteers and I don’t know what I would have done without you this last year!! Also, a big thank you to all the artists who submitted their work. Without your creativity and talent, there would not be a show of this caliber!! 
View all the entries in the exhibit

Virtual Tour of the Members’ Show Exhibit

A Virtual Tour was filmed on March 3rd and is being edited. We will send out an announcement when it is posted. A slide show version was posted up on the Plano Art Association Facebook page on March 4th.  We will also post the video tour when we receive the edited version. Thank you to Amy Pagan, Kyle Bradford, Sean Trauth and Katelyn Cave for working with us to produce this video. 

Special thanks also go to Jennifer Seibert and Jerry Smith. Jennifer hosted the virtual tour. Jerry Smith was the judge for the show and filmed a special segment dealing with the judging and the elements that he used to judge. It should be very educational. I can’t wait to see it live!! The film crew from the Gallery @ Courtyard Theater are also planning to post a shorter version on the Plano Art and Events social media page.

March Members’ Meeting March 30
The March Members meeting will be held on March 30th.   It will be a “Virtual Reception” for the Member’s Show. Grab your favorite beverage and join us in the virtual tour!! Zoom Coordinates to follow in a separate announcement.

–from the March 2021 newsletter of the Plano Art Association