Opening Sept. 1st at Inner Space: From Falsehood’s Glitter

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Opening: 09/01/2018 4-7pm

Inner Space: a chamber gallery

7923 Mohawk Dr. Dallas, TX 75235

Inner Space: a chamber gallery presents From Falsehood’s Glitter – a two-person exhibition by Los Angeles Artist Brandon Barr and Dallas Artist Gina Orlando. Both artists working at the intersection of digital technology and traditional media. In a time dubbed by researchers and news outlets as the “post-truth area”, Barr and Orlando’s practices orient our perception to the ways in which the digital and the real converge. Comfort is something we seek not only physically, but also in the knowledge that what we believe is true. Historically societal truths are slow to evolve, so much so that changes happen almost invisibly. Technology tends to operate in this invisible plane only in a much faster and individualized manner. Why would we seek to contradict ourselves when with one click we can reassure our beliefs?!  Both of these artists works exist in multiple places at once: within the gallery space, on digital devices, and within digital platforms. It requires each venue in order to be viewed in its entirety, similar to our fragmented intake of surrounding content in our media-driven culture. By intertwining digital and the real, we are made aware of the various ways technologies affect and mediate our perception of the world.

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