NIC MATHIS Memory Screen opens Jan. 12 at Erin Cluley

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Memory Screen

JANUARY 12 – FEBRUARY 16, 2019

Nic Mathis’ exhibition presents new ink drawings and paintings translating his personal notebook doodles and notes into personal artifacts and figurative works. Lacking the figurative lines typically used to carry the weight and innate presence of two dimensional representation, Mathis’ works are both whimsical and mysterious.

Taking in Mathis’ work leads viewers through his various identities. His notes from his electrician-by-day work scribbled onto legal paper are redrawn in highlighter and India Ink then often taken over by villains and monsters beloved by his daughters, often enjoying adult activities in Mathis’s scenes. 

For MEMORY SCREEN, Mathis creates studies of 2-D images, typically of notebook paper or cardboard with his notes or drawings, at scale, as a starting base for the work. Creating space between the work and the viewer in this way, mistakes seem more like artifact. What were once just doodles become permanent works. 

Erin Cluley Gallery, 414 Fabrication Street, Dallas, Texas 75212