Mesquite Arts Center Exhibits: Marshall Harris and Artists of Front Street Station

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Marshall Harris | “Well, That’s something you don’t see everyday…”

Apr 05 – June 26, 2021 ARTIST RECEPTION May 5-7 pm in the Main Gallery, Mr. Harris creates life-sized (or larger) photo-realistic drawings of subjects laboriously executed with graphite on Mylar. He chooses common everyday people, saddles, skulls, vegetables or utilitarian objects that he finds intriguing in their complexity. The drawings focus attention on minute details that may be overlooked, the fold, the scratch, the flaw, no characteristic is too small to replicate. This extraordinary attention to detail and significance behind those characteristics requires looking deeply into the history of an object to discover what makes its experiences relevant.–well-thats-something-you-dont-see-everyday

Artists of Front Street Station

Apr 05 – June 26, 20 RECEPTION June 3 5-7 pm