Meridian: Exhibition by Sara Cardona and Elisa Lendvay opens April 19 at Haggerty

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Meridian: Sara Cardona and Elisa Lendvay
April 19 – May 25, 2021

This exhibition is a multi-dimensional conversation between two artists whose work explores the paths traced by meridians. These invisible lines delineate energy; in geography (encircling the earth), celestial (in the path of a star), and in the body (in as circuits along which energy flows).

These energetic paths are sensed, rendered, and unrendered, and grow, bloom, and dissipate. The forms in the exhibition are tangible, suggest potential movement, cast shadows, have orbital orientations, and celebrate entropic systems and cycles, including the mystery of spring and renewal.

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The Haggerty Art Gallery is located at the University of Dallas in the Haggerty Art Village Art History Building, at the corner of Gorman Drive and Novinski Circle.

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