Marina Shterenberg watercolor exhibition at One River School

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Marina Shterenberg

Marina Shterenberg is an interdisciplinary artist who works with painting, installation and interactive performance. Marina grew up in the Ukraine and has lived and exhibited in New York, California, Texas, Netherlands and recently Scotland. She is the founder and director of Star Mountain Art, an education program of collaborative projects between artists and children that spans from public sculpture to pirate radio. Additionally, she has taught in higher education, including at Brookhaven and Collin College.

Marina’s varied experiences serve as inspiration for the themed projects, exploring the ideas of strangeness and belonging. Marina focuses very heavily on exploring how we move through public spaces, construct personal space and establish connections influenced by history, culture and shared experience. In many of Shterenberg’s paintings, she communicates the illusion of stability of built places such as architectural forms. By using watercolor’s natural transparency and frailty of cut paper, the paper’s surface becomes a boundary that can take you into imagined, infinite space or disintegrate into the wall.

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