Local artist Travis Ragsdale wins Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can Contest for Digital Media

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Winning PBR Art Cans 2019 (PRNewsfoto/Pabst Blue Ribbon)

Pabst Blue Ribbon Reveals Winners For 2019 Art Can Contest

Pabst Blue Ribbon has always strived to empower America’s creators, it was the founding principle that led to the creation of their pioneering Art Can contest in 2014. The contest gives artists the opportunity to re-imagine Pabst Blue Ribbon’s iconic cans and customers the chance to hold original art in their hands. Today, more than 25,000,000 art cans and over $100,000 of prize money later, Pabst Blue Ribbon reveals the winners of its 2019 Art Can Contest, which includes the inaugural Digital Media winners.

The Art Can Contest is about inspiring America,” said Andrew Heard, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Brand Manager for Art. “We want to inspire artists to create, and give them an audience of millions, while inspiring our customers by letting them engage with incredible art wherever they are enjoying a Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can Contest receives thousands of entries, and each year the submission standards get higher and higher. As a result, in 2019 Pabst Blue Ribbon chose three Grand Prize Art Can winners and added a Digital Media category.

The Grand Prize Art Can winners will be rolled out throughout the year, covering over six million various sized Pabst Blue Ribbon cans with original art in 2019. Charlie Kendall will cover the 12oz can, Kelly Ward the 16oz can and Tenbeete Solomon (aka Trap Bob) the 24oz can.

In the Digital Media categories Travis Ragsdale took 1st place, Joey Souza 2nd and Kim Hui 3rd. After the contest Travis was hired by Pabst Blue Ribbon to create the animations to accompany the winning cans, further example of how Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Art Can contest empowers artists. All six winners also receive cash prizes from Pabst Blue Ribbon.

“Pabst Blue Ribbon on My Mind” 1st Place 2019 Digital Art Winner

The Art Can contest is just one element of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s commitment to supporting arts around America. Since 2016 Pabst Blue Ribbon has commissioned over 175 original murals across the country. In 2018 Pabst Blue Ribbon also opened up the 1700 Naud St. art space in Los Angeles, and will open up a NYC space in 2019. Both serve as creative hubs for the community, hosting art openings, record release parties, conversations and much more. Pabst Blue Ribbon also supports hundreds of regional art events across the US every year through their field marketing teams.

The 2020 Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can contest launched October 1, 2019, visit Pabst Blue Ribbon ART for further details.

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