Kettle Art: ‘Life Goes On’ exhibit by Mahsa Moein

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Kettle Art proudly presents ‘Life Goes On,’ a solo exhibition by artist Mahsa Moein.

Mahsa is a Dallas-based arts educator, who was born in the magnificent, breathtaking, poetic land of Iran. Her art incorporates bold, dynamic colors layered in lyrical still life and landscape compositions. Inspiration is derived from her native landscape, with its majestic mountain ranges, vast oceans, sweeping deserts, and tall cypress trees that reach higher than the sky itself, and by the colorful, handmade rugs found in historic, covered bazaars filled with the scents of rose water and saffron.

“I have brought my love of art, my colors, shapes, and contrasts, and even my brush strokes, from my home. My inspiration appears on my canvas untamed, creating subconscious connections between the beauties and complexities of my country. My work speaks of the inherent poetry, politics, dance, and sounds, striking against the limits that society has put in place for women.”

–from Deep Ellum Texas Newsletter