Join us July 16th for REFUGE: The 24th Annual MAC Membership Exhibition

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Join us for The Mac’s 24th Annual Membership Exhibition, Refuge. 
OPENING Saturday, July 16, 6-9pm
Last year, members of The MAC came together with renewed optimism and a mutual love of art to include works in the organization’s Annual Membership Exhibition. 100 artists presented work in a variety of media that celebrated togetherness and a return (for some) to making art. In 2022, our society is grappling with numerous events that no doubt occupy much of our social consciousness, and finding refuge from such a deluge can seem out of reach. At The MAC, we have always sought out ways to exhibit artists whose work helps us make sense of the time at hand. Conversely, we have offered opportunities for artists to whisk us away to someplace special, where ideas can be discussed, beautiful works can be admired, and visitors can take refuge within the walls of the gallery.

The MAC invites you to join us for the 24th Annual Membership Exhibition. This annual show is one of the cornerstones of the spirit and mission of The MAC. It provides a meeting point, a place for creative expression, and an exciting survey of the art from the North Texas Region.
The MAC Membership Exhibition also serves as the kick-off of the organization’s membership campaign. The effects of pandemic have been far reaching and arts organizations have been hit particularly hard. At this time, we look inward to the community we serve in consideration of our programming, but also for the support we must have to continue and grow. The MAC offers a variety of options for members to support the organization with membership levels that fit any budget and benefits made for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

The MAC also encourages art lovers and emerging collectors to support their local artists by acquiring work – this exhibition is a great opportunity to find new works to add to your collection!