Jammie Holmes: EVERYTHING HURTS goes virtual at the Dallas Contemporary

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EXPLORE THE EXHIBITION: https://www.dallascontemporary.org/everything-hurts-digital-exhibition

Today we are honored to debut our latest digital exhibition — Jammie Holmes: EVERYTHING HURTS. Acting as a living and ever-evolving document and resource, the exhibition is presented to amplify and build upon the artist’s response to the recent murder of George Floyd. 

On 30 May 2020 Louisiana-born, Dallas-based artist Jammie Holmes initiated a public demonstration in the sky. Airplanes with banners presenting Floyd’s final words extended across five major U.S. cities —Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. 

“The use of sky media to recount Floyd’s final words presents a contrast to the noise of digital media and employs a form of communication that is most often used by the privileged to announce sporting events, marriage proposals, or promote consumption,” explains Holmes. “It is rarely used for political or social purposes—to exercise free speech—because it is an outlet unavailable to the poor and marginalized. I hope that people will be reminded of the power we can have to be heard and that coming together behind a unified message is key for real change.” as told to Galerie Magazine.

The messages connected cities across the United States to protesters across the country, demanding the end of police brutality against communities of color. We invite you to engage with the exhibition and stay tuned for updates as it continues to expand. 

project documentation + download your poster
Explore some never before seen images from the demonstration and access our link for free posters. 

meet the artist
Tune in for a chat with Jammie Holmes from his studio in Dallas, TX. 

in the clouds
An activity for all ages — tell us what you’d like to see written in the sky via our education department’s coloring card.

black owned businesses — a round up
we invite you to get to know some of DFW’s black owned business + hope that like us, you will visit them soon.