Five Printmakers and a Mixed Media Artist at thegallery8680 4/05/19

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Five Printmakers from The North Texas Printmakers Guild will be on view along with a mixed media artist’s work on Fri. evening April 5th from 7pm to 9pm at thegallery8680, located at 8680 main street in Frisco, Texas.

Along with the prints will be an inspired mixed media painting and a “computer lithography” that was done of it.  Come learn how to look for differences in these types of works and get educated on what hand pulled printmaking is and what to look for in collecting work that moves you in some way.  What the digital world considers an art print and what various printmakers look for when/ or if considering using technology to create an image from a painting.   Printmakers are artists of original works, which are sometimes in an edition all created by hand.  It’s a conversation worth learning more about for the art collector.

Reception 7pm -9pm  There will also be a trial proof of The Kimbell Art Museum Print Jam, Collaborative 2ft by 3ft block, that was drawn on by 20 people, artist’s, Kimbell Art Museum Staff and volunteers.  Pre-orders of this print will be available on this night for $1000.00.  Visit for artist information regarding this show.

Submitted by Amy Carter Ishmael, NTPG for thegallery8680 NTPG Group Show. Email: