February Openings at the Cove: Womack, Herrera, Johnston & Marra

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FEBRUARY is the month for beauty and joy in the human heart, and some really good prices on art! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, both at thecovemckinney.

THIS WEEKEND, January 31-February 2:  Happy Hour
NEXT WEEKEND, February 7-8:  Walkers:  Shadows of Reflections 

Happy Hour

Friday, January 31, 6-9pm
Saturday, February 1, 6-9pm
Sunday, February 2, 1-3pm
The phrase “happy hour” suggests several things:  an occasion, the company one keeps, or the spirited liquid of choice.  Anne Womack’s “Happy Hour” collection of paintings expresses all of these and more:  a special moment with a friend, a relaxed lunch, children playing freely, a gathering with spirited liquid refreshment, a moment of joy or a smile brought on by a memory—or even the anticipation of a new “happy hour”. 

Walkers:  Shadows of Reflections

Friday, February 7, 6pm-9pm  Opening Reception
Saturday, February 8, 6pm-9pm
The shadows of Leticia Herrera’s Walkers describe a constant movement, unstoppable, always toward the soul of human existence.  The artist represents humanity’s search for joy through a common purpose.  She represents that path through her walkers. They are searchers of emotions; they are travelers of the universe and the world, catchers of dreams. Through love, passion, faith, kindness, dreams and vulnerability, Hererra invites the viewer to walk with her to find unity in this world.

Spring Cleaning Art Sale

Friday, February 14, 7pm-9pm, Wine and Dessert Reception
Saturday, February 15, 11am-8pm
Every piece of art has a home, and it’s not necessarily in the artist’s studio.  Cove artists are bringing some of their finest inventory to this special sale, where their retail prices will be dramatically reduced.  Monies from the sale go directly to the artists; no commissions are taken by The Cove.  Come find that perfect piece.

From Acadian to Zydeco
Theresa Johnston, Artist
Friday, February 21 6-9pm
Saturday, February 22, 6-9pm
Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Come celebrate Mardi Gras weekend at The Cove with fun art, music and food!  Ayyyeeee!

A Few of My Favorite Things…
Paintings, prints, and photographs by Kelly E. Marra 
Friday, February 28, 6-9pm
Saturday, February 29, 6- 9pm Reception 7:30
Kelly is drawn to color field painting, abstract expressionism, and minimalism.  Some works were inspired by Dr. Seuss – Theodore Geisel – and others created to music or a mood.  When Kelly works representationally, her focus is on color, composition and line.