Fall Gallery Night & Art on the Veranda Sept. 8 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

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Art on the Veranda 2018

Fall Gallery Night is an event that occurs once a year during September. It is arguably our most popular opening of year where we anticipate more than 3000 visitors in a single night. Local artists are displaying their work on our covered veranda on Gallery Night. The art fair runs 12 – 9:30pm Sept. 8 only.

Participating Artists:
  • Pam Skersick
  • Deborah Gerrity
  • Anvita Rai
  • Alicia Wells
  • Curtis Frederick
  • Abi Salami
  • Brad Willis

The Arts Center presents: “13th Annual TAC
Exhibit Winners” Cynthia Lewis and Mouty
Shackelford and “Mayjoring in Art; Higher Learning
Winners” Dario Bucheli and Heather Bird. Also
featured in our galleries: “Preservation is the ART
of the City”, presented by Historic Fort Worth;
“The Light of Every Day” by Richard Holder;
“FORT WORTH 15… New Horizons”; “Going,
Going, Gone!” Artist: Stormie Parker and
“Under the Cosmic Canopy” by Julia Mclain

and Rose Marie Mercado.

Fort Worth Community Arts Center
1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107