Día de los Muertos: Catrina and Other Memorable Ladies and Studio Tour at the Bath House

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Día de los Muertos: Catrina and Other Memorable Ladies

October 12-November 16, 2019

Reception with the Artists: Sunday, October 13 (5-7 PM)

The Bath House Cultural Center’s 33rd Annual Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art exhibition features visual art and altars in a variety of media created by local, national and international artists.  The works featured in the 2019 Día de los Muertos exhibition are inspired by the Day of the Dead character, Catrina, and by the legacy of other prominent women.

The artists featured in this show include Mirtha Aertker, Karen E. Aguilar, Michelle Akers, Roxanne M. Anderson, Barbara M. Armstrong, Brandin Barón, Jose G. Barriga, Amy Boltrushek, Melanie S. Campbell-Carter, Kathy Chambers, Vicki Charlotta, Rebecca Collins, Oscar Contreras, Lisa Crook, Raúl Cruz, Judy Culbertson, Enrique De Altamirano, Gail M. Delger, Kathleen B. Donovan, Katrina Doran, Dan and Lori Dudley, Brett L. Dyer, Jen Faits Mulder, Julie Flandorfer, Jacque Forsher, Pastor García, Karla G. Gaspar, Nick Glenn, Juan J. Hernández, Joan Hudson, Dawnie Jackson, Duane Johnson, Kristi Kay, Ruth A. Keitz, Mitzi King, Debra Kruse, Bonnie Lankford, Sandra Lara, Nancy CH Lawrence, Jocelyn V. Lechuga, Cindy Lemmon, Hector Loera, Laurence I. López, Linda López, Elizabeth Mahy, Kelsey M. McAfee, Cynthia McDonnell, Brenda McKinney, Patricia McMillan, Marcela Mihaloglou, Deb and Chuck Miller, Margo Miller, Michael R. Miller, Kelly B. Morris, Eva Peña, Kristen N. Penrod, Alejandra P. Ramos, Jane Robbins, Gail Roberts, Jennifer Rodriguez, María C. Ruenes, Evan Sartin, Diana Scott, Daniel P. Sellers, Pam J. Smith, Suzie Standridge, Wendy L. Tigchelaar, TRONJA, Joyce Ward, ME Wilcox, and Becky Winslow.

Enrique Fernández Cervantes, Curator of Exhibitions for the Bath House Cultural Center has curated the Día de los Muertos show since 1999.

Dress up like Catrina!

You can be the greatest work of art!

We are sure that when you see a picture of the Day of the Dead Catrina you can’t deny that she is a very fashionable lady.  Is she all dressed up to go out to a fancy party? Or, is she meeting her equally stylish friends somewhere elegant for tea and delicious pan dulce?  Or maybe she is going to a gallery opening somewhere near White Rock Lake?

Perhaps you would like to look like Catrina when you come to our reception.  A fancy dress, some Day of the Dead makeup, and a strong desire to have fun is all you need. 

What a great sight it will be: Art on the walls and pedestals and Catrinas walking around, looking beautiful!

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

Saturday, October 12 and Sunday October 13, 2019

Studio Tour Hours:
10 AM to 5 PM.

Visit artists and see where art comes alive in neighborhoods near White Rock Lake during the 27th annual White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.

Over fifty artists and four art centers (including the Bath House Cultural Center) are featured in this free, self-guided art tour. Visit art studios and see work in all its stages. Talk to artists about ideas, processes, and materials. Explore the places where art happens!

This popular art event is located in neighborhoods that surround White Rock Lake. The area is east of downtown Dallas and is known for its natural beauty, native forests and historic city lake. Visit artists in their studios and learn first-hand why the area is a haven for visual artists.

For a map of the studios and artists information, visit http://www.whiterockartists.com/ Printed maps are also available at the Bath House and other artist studios.

Visit the Bath House Cultural Center during the studio tour and enjoy the annual Día de los Muertos exhibition as well as an exhibition of paintings by Andrea Guay.  After the tour ends at 5 PM on Sunday, visit the center and join us for our gallery reception for the exhibiting artists. www.bathhousecultural.com