Dailies; 365 Days of Art and Music Collaboration by Linda Little and Kävin

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Sat., April 20th

Grackle Art Gallery, Fort Worth

Kävin and I together… a year of every day making an expression of our lives.
Daily I tried to open my mind’s eye for inspiration and look for the extraordinary in the everyday.

Most of these pieces have memories of what the day presented to me. Some days were really full and busy, leaving little time for creating or reflecting. On those days Kävin would remind me that it was all about creating something whether you liked it or not…whether you were exhausted and tired; make something of the day.

Most days the inspiration was strong and I was excited to see what I could do with it. The idea was to try new things whether they worked or not, try new media, experiment, expand, go beyond the safety zones of what you thought were your limits.
Most pieces came easily and all the elements flowed together just how I wanted them to, to convey the spirit of that day. But some pieces I hated from inception.

One of the things I learned from this endeavor was to push through what you don’t originally like and to keep working on it until it felt good.
I think this project also made me a better observer of the world around me; forcing me to look deeper and be more aware of the details and the whole.
The process each day was different, every day was a challenge to make something that spoke about a day. Not easy.

Kävin jumped in with both feet and said from day one that he would produce a piece of music each day and then merge the two together.
From there he created videos that enhanced both of our creations.

The gamut of his music goes from folk, acoustic, ambient, electronic, psychedelic, experimental, and everything beyond and in between. What he created was expansionist, inspired, and inspiring to me.


Back in late 2017 when I suggested to Linda that we do a daily creation in 2018, I knew it would be a challenging exercise. It was that, as well as an adventure in self-discovery and a way of documenting our inspirations, experiences, joys, fears and dreams every day, through visual and audio art.

As she expressed hers in a variety of techniques and media, I played and recorded everything I could get my hands on, in any musical style I could, usually improvising, and composing while recording.
Sometimes we were unintentionally on the same “wavelength”, and other times in deliberate collaboration. At the end of the day, a short video was the result, using the visual art and the music.

We worked off of each other’s creations; a back and forth of “you inspire me. I’ll inspire you”.
A constant giving of each of ourselves. That is truly what this year-long endeavor has been about:
give/ take,
These are our Dailies.
Thank you.


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