Cynthia Bryant: Texas Realism – Sat. Dec. 12

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Make it a country Christmas with Texas Realism
Cynthia Bryant
Saturday, December 12, 2020 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Forestwood Antique Mall 5333 Forest Lane Dallas TX 75244
About Cynthia… Having been around art her all of her life, Cynthia Bryant has always been fascinated with colors. As she grew up, she watched attentively as her father, artist Jack Bryant, squeezed paint from tubes and mixed two or three colors to make totally different shades. In awe she watched him use his paints that transformed the canvas into a beautiful painting. At the age of twelve, Cynthia began painting. Selling that first painting for twenty dollars made her think she was rich. She was motivated to do more paintings and by age fifteen was selling her work to various dealers.

Her father had not encouraged her to follow his same painting technique. In fact, he was hesitant to give her instructions in painting, the reason being that he wanted Cynthia to develop her own style. It was somewhat by trial and error that she learned to duplicate what she saw with her own eyes. Taking advantage of every opportunity to paint and spending hours outdoors studying her surroundings, her skills as an artist began to evolve. She developed a deep appreciation for the ever-changing facets of nature. And as she painted what she saw, she placed the rich colors and textures of the clouds, trees and the flowers around her on canvas She entered her paintings in many art shows and won awards every time. She was taking her place in the art world.

Many of Cynthia’s early paintings were done as she held a brush in one hand and her babies on her lap. The children watched her paint with the same fascination for colors she had when she watched her father paint. Blessed now with grandchildren, they sit in her lap and watch her paint – the fascination for colors repeating again.