Charles Esser and Melissa Patrello at the COVE

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McKinney, TX 75069
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July 24-26:  Charles Esser:  The Rogue Gallery
July 31-Aug 1:  Melissa Patrello

Kindly wear your mask, use hand hygiene products provided, and observe social distancing from patrons not in your party.

The Rogue Gallery
Charles Esser
Friday, July 24  5pm-9pm
Saturday, July 25  5pm-9pm
Sunday, July 26  1pm-5pm
During this time when faces are half-masked, photographer Charles Esser unmasks faces in common, found objects.  His Rogue Gallery collection stretches the human penchant for anthropomorphism.

Wonderfully Made 
Melissa Patrello
Friday, July 31,  7pm – 9pm
Saturday, August 1,  7pm – 9pm
8pm Nightly Q & A
Wonderfully Made is a series of paintings by Melissa Patrello. Pieced together in squares, each painting is an unruly grid that mimics the interwoven structure of the canvas underneath. Two-dimensional scenes are depicted in patchwork narratives that evoke mountainous cityscapes. In appreciation of our anatomical intricacies, Patrello uses woven cloth as subject matter, weaving awkward shapes and fleshy, floral tones into mirrored facets of her identity.