Carpe Diem with Magali Smith at The Cove

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August 13-14, Magali Smith, Painter

Upcoming Shows:
August 21, Steve Wright, Painter
August 27-28, Maribeth Jagger and Cindy Farrell, Painters

A Perfect Day To… Saturday, August 14, 6-9pm
Sunday, August 15, 2-4pm
Magali Smith is finally back in her “happy place,” where life is laid back, and the energy feels just right. She shares her expressive paintings at The Cove. Join her in the moment, and carpe diem!
Shapes and Shadows Saturday, August 21, 1pm-8pm
Steve Wright continues to explore new ideas and materials beyond painting, creating unique configurations of images, shapes and symbols. This show will expand on the techniques he used in 2020 and showcase several new pieces. Please note, the artist requires masks to be worn, even if fully vaccinated. Thank you.