Bath House Openings Sept. 1st: SPATIAL and Liberation: Art from Venezuela

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Reception: Saturday, September 1 (7-9 PM)

The Bath House Cultural Center presents Spatial, an exhibition of paintings, photographs and mixed media art featuring works by North Texas artists, Sibylle Bauer, Fannie Brito, Sara Cardona and Marian Lefeld.

The exhibition came together around the four artists, who live in the United States but maintain psychological or physical ties to other countries.  Space becomes a tangible subject for all four, but in distinct ways, varying from literal to psychological.

Fannie Brito and Marian Lefeld both feel deeply connected to Venezuela, where they were born. Sibylle Bauer and Sara Cardona, both born in Mexico, similarly are interested in spaces that suggest presence and absence simultaneously.


Liberation: Art from Venezuela

September 1-29, 2018

Reception: Saturday, September 1 (7-9 PM)

Liberation: Art from Venezuela
is a mixed media exhibition featuring works by Venezuelan artists Dina Atencio, Luis Cuevas, Oscar Casanova Niño, Victoria Morales, José León, and Carlos Ramos. The exhibition represents the effort of these Latin American artists to share their diverse expressions at a time in which freedom can be scarce in their home country.

When viewing the exhibition, the observer will be immersed in the abstract parallel universe of Luis Cuevas, the chromatic power of Carlos Ramos, the feministic and allegorical figures of Dina Atencio and Victoria Morales, the thought-provoking art created in reaction to the devaluation of Venezuelan currency by Jose León, as well as the quest for the Latin American identity of Oscar Casanova Niño.

Contaminate: Oil
Through November 18, 2018

Meet the artist: Saturday, September 1 (7-9 PM)

The White Rock Lake Museum presents Contaminate: Oil, an exhibition of prints created with traditional and digital photographic techniques by Tiffany Milow that perfectly marries the power of art and the history of the lake as our Dallas water supply with the powerful message of “What are we doing with our water?”  This collection presents a stunning visual display with a provocative message about what we are failing to think about water.


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Visual Art Programs – Enrique Fernández Cervantes, Visual Arts Coordinator / Curator
The Bath House Cultural Center is a facility of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs that is dedicated to fostering the growth, development, and quality of multicultural arts. The center emphasizes innovative visual and performing arts, as well as other multidisciplinary events throughout the year.