Award Winners of the 2019 Trinity Arts Guild Fall Members’ Show

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On November 4th over $1000 in awards were announced at the meeting of the Trinity Arts Guild in Bedford.

2019 Fall Members’ Show Winners

Challenge category (to create Halloween or Fall themed art)

First place: Sharon Giles Vulture MoonJudges Comments: Bold Interweaving of contem- porary and tribal imagery, that creates a vibrant, dancing image where the foreground and background compete for attention-implies more movement and vibration

Second place: Cindy Flint Ashes to AshesJudges Comments: Highly energetic and emo- tional image that becomes even more dramatic with the collaged figures floating in the space. It is a powerful image

Third place: Pat Palmieri “I see You”

Works on Canvas or Hardboard

First Place: Court Bailey Rusting in the shadeJudges Comments: Seen up close the shapes of the color dissolve into a beautifully complex abstract image that removes itself from its subject. The artists joyfully explores every movement of the image and creates uniquely inventive painting passages-the best example of this is the windshield, which could be a painting of its own.

Second Place: Pam Smith Figs with GlassJudges Comments: Cleaver use of materials. Enjoy seeing the artist fight the limitations of the surface, marking, wiping. She pushes and pulls the image until it becomes one with the glass. It becomes more of a sculptural object than a painting.

Third place: Chris Fennell Tuesday Afternoon

Works on Paper

First place: Hollan Holmes American RusticJudges Comments: Masterly work that hides its ambition in plain sight. The minimal composition and subject allows the artist and view- er to explore the richly developed surface that reveals a new visual treat in every inch.

Second place: Hugh Heaton KatieJudges Comments: Wonderful use of color and mark to create an expressive portrait and inventive composition. The use of the yellow shape smartly balances and activates the entire plane.

Third place: Roswitha Kress “Butter Please”

Mixed Media

First place: Kimmie Hamm Eliana of the woodsJudges Comments: The placement of the face within the picture plane allows it to not over-power the entire image but slowly emerge from the landscape. Well balanced image that uniquely presents the personifica- tion of nature.

Second Place: Doris Mobley Grandmas GardenJudges Comments: A wonderfully fun and playful picture that invites the viewer to search for a new surprise with each viewing

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention: Betsy Allaire Balmy Russian DayHonorable Mention: Pat Kimminau Scenic Big Bend

Honorable Mention: Gail Cooksey “Sunny San Sebastian”

Honorable Mention: Trish Poupard “Crossing Over”

Show Comments: a wonderful compilation of talented artists
About the Judge: Joshua Goode Website:
Department of Fine Arts Tarrant County College South

Born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1981, Joshua Goode is researching and developing myth- ic historical misinterpretations and manipulations in an effort to expose the malleability of our past, present and future. His alternate history and mythology preserve memories of childhood ranch life in Texas by reimagining objects and imagery from his youth as iconic ancient artifacts. Having studied history and worked as an archaeologist on many actual ex- cavations, he conducts staged excavations around the world, working with the community as a performance. The constructed artifacts of his invented civilization mix fact and fiction to appropriate and distort the history and myths of each region he engages. His ‘artifacts’ have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in international venues such as the Razliv Museum, St. Petersburg, (Russia); Capellades Museum, Barcelona, (Spain); Zendai Museum of Mod- ern Art, Shanghai, (China); Darb 1718 in Cairo, (Egypt); LaSala Gallery, Zaragoza, (Spain); Ga- lerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, (Croatia); Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, (Russia), the Monchskirchein Museum, Salzwedel, (Germany), and Ivy Brown Gallery, New York, (USA)

Joshua received his MFA from Boston University and has participated in residencies in Rus- sia, Germany, Finland, Spain and worked as a researcher on archaeological digs for the Uni- versity of Tubingen at Vogelherd Cave in Germany. He received the Dozier Award from the Dallas Museum of Art and is currently the Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas.

Location: Trinity Arts Guild gallery, Bedford Boys Ranch, 2819 R.D. Hurt Parkway, Bedford, TX 76021