Artspace111 Virtual Tour Just Released: To 40 More!

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The virtual tour of Artspace111’s newest show – To 40 More! – is now available! Click the link below to find yourself virtually at Artspace111 to privately experience the newest work by your favorite Artspace111 artists. To learn more about each artwork, click on the teal colored circle. This feature also allows guests to purchase artwork directly online. Take this self guided tour today!
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Last Two Days of Gallery Week
To 40 More! Fall Gallery Night is now Fall Gallery Week! Artspace111 continues to celebrate its 40th Anniversary with a new open-ended group exhibition of select work by currently represented Artspace111 Artists, and a week long opening for Fall Gallery Week. The group exhibition, To 40 More!, honors the artistic community that has supported Artspace111 since 1980 and highlights the future of the gallery as it enters a new decade. In that spirit, the gallery welcomes new artists to its stable including Jon Flaming, Dennis Farris, Layla Luna, Robert McAn, Erika Huddleston, Ender Martos, Mihee Nahm, and Stella Alesi. These artists join founders Daniel and Dennis Blagg and 23 other Artspace111 artists to present over 40 works whose collective creative voice define an institution in Contemporary Texas Art.
Artspace111 Fall Gallery Week Schedule:
Monday, September 14th – Wednesday, September 16th: 12pm – 6pm Thursday, September 17th – Friday, September 18th: 12pm – 7pm
**The information listed is for Artspace111’s Fall Gallery Night event only, please check with individual galleries, museums, and institutions for information about each Fall Gallery Week event.
***Reservations are required to enter the Artspace111 exhibition during Fall Gallery Week. Limited attendance, social distancing, and masks are required for all exhibition viewing reservations.
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