Art Mart at the Bath House Opens November 16, 17, & 18!

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Over Fifty Artists are coming together to offer their artwork for sale. Get a jump on Christmas with all the creative and unique offerings you will find in Art Mart this year! Enjoy music, shop to your heart’s content, and place your bids on our silent auction. Come Friday evening, and toast the launch of our 2018 art-filled weekend!

There’s so much to see, hear, do, and buy!  Come on over on Friday 7-9 PM for the artists’ preview reception, where we will be serving food and beverages, and Saturday & Sunday, 12 PM to 6 PM, where food and beverages are available for purchase.  Enjoy the entertainment while browsing and most importantly, buy some art and participate in the Silent Auction Friday thru Sunday!

Participating Artists: Sally Ackerman & Lisa Payne, Sherry Aikman, Rita Barnard & Pamela Neeley, Elizabeth Bentley, Kathryn Boulet, Raul Bryand, Jan Byron, Pamela Cleveland, Lisa Covert, Betsy Doan, Dan & Lori Dudley, James Dunn, Oscar Duran, Debe Frazer, Pastor Garcia, Jay Gardner, Fred Gardner, Essie Graham, Valery Guignon, Rebecca Guy, Janice Hamilton, Karen Harris, Warren Harris, Tricia Hicks, Deana Hinchcliff, Cheryl Johnson, Clara Johnson, Kenya Jones, Preston Jones, Cindy Kelley, Netra Khattri, Evan Knapp, Rebecca Lansdowne-Collins, Lilli Lehtonen, Mary Mallory, Matt Bagley & Sharon Neel Bagley, Ann McIntyre, Cathy Mitchell, Jo Moncrief, Benjamin Muñoz, Roy Odom, Rebecca Ramos, Danielle Ranson, Katrina Rasmussen, Jeanne Rintelmann, Beth Ritter-Perry, Gail Roberts, Balmore Salazar, Elisabeth Schalij, Hans Schnitzler, Elizabeth Schowachert & Kimberly Filiaggi, Brittany Stricklin, Hector Teran , VET, Nanci Vineyard, Kat Warwick, Debra Worrell Hernandez, Carlos Zuniga & Dagan Newland.

Location: Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas TX

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